Break Through! – Letter Advent

When now approaching Christmas – what are we really expecting?
Not first of all a little nice story about something that happened 2000 years ago.
Rather it is to expect: Our possibility today to make a break through in our lives. Arriving at something that is new and fresh.  A new fascination of life!
What happened in Bethlehem is the beginning of this event. Reading the stories in the first chapters of Luke (do it!) is an outer action that denotes an inner: God taking on himself his humanity, Our life opened towards eternity!

For that we have have to wait and long.  Drugs of various kinds (consumption…) is something that gives immediate satisfaction. But as is well known – a satisfaction that does not last. The patient waiting for relief (lets call it suffering) works and accomplishes transformation and satisfaction from within. Receiving the child Jesus (equivalent as he is to our own inner child: “be like a child…”) opens to find meaning in all what is life: breathing the fresh air a winter day, meeting with someone and enjoying his or her company, reading a book, go to work a rainy morning.
Why not spend some time everyday the coming weeks, 20 minutes, one hour, to just sit in silence, pronouncing “You” into this silence. Just being,  just resting , not doing, just waiting. I assure you, time is not lacking, there is plenty of time.

Come the our Christmas-Good Bye Wed 18th!, look beneath,

Some are also leaving after a time in Lund. I think specially of Nolwenn who is leaving for a community in Dalarna in Sweden after three years in Lund. Good luck to Nolwenn and to others leaving Lund.

I wish you all a GOD JUL and GOTT 2014! See you, br Björn


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