From body to body -it´s CHRISTMAS!

“Nobody is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord.” – Pope Francis quotes another pope in his recently published letter  Evangelii  gaudium(the Joy of the Gospel), you find it in English here:

At Christmas we celebrate this joy: God took on a body. A body! We know the joy and the pain our bodies causes us. Perhaps we want to escape this body, or at least change it a bit. The body is such a drama – but what would we be without our bodies? A complete nothing.
We smile to each other, we hug, share words, caress, we experience beauty, we hate, we feel pain – all takes place in our bodies.
God took an a body so that he can enter into contact with us. He does this through his body in Jesus Christ. Then he can love and affect us. Body to body!  He affects us, as we affect one another only through our bodies. Vapeur can not love, for that a body is needed.
Love does transform. In his life, death and ressurection the body of Jesus is transformed. That´s why he can smile to us, hug us, kiss us – in our hearts, today. Because his body was transformed in love, he can now share his life. -“body of Christ” is said to us when we receive his body in the Eucharist. And it is indeed his body! It is his body, now exceeding all limits, space, time, materia.  A transformed body  that is free. That´s the freedom we long for, for ourselves, too. That´s being a Christian.
The beloved (that´s us) in The Songs of Songs in the Bible says:
“My love lifts up in his voice, he says to me,”Come then, my beloved, my lovely one, come. For see, winter is passed, the rains are over and gone. Flowers are appearing on the earth.”

Merry Christmas!

yours br Björn


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