Developping Friendship

After The Taizé prayer last time we talked about how we can practically share in friendship and about exemples, things we jknow about or have exeperiences ourselves. Here´s some things that was said:
Anna takes small scale initiatives at her student corridor, ask people (also the more difficult ones..) to do some things so that they can see they are valuable.
Stefano working in a big company having i lower chief position managed to negotaie for his workers so that they were not made redundant when the company was in economic trouble.
We can every day be more aware of people in need in our classes or works.
A man in Helsinki goes out Saturday evenings with tea to share with the travelling people begging in the streets, especially the older ones.
Alexander takes sometimes time for old people in the street, talking to them or doing something.

I Domino we share friendship between students from many countries. Students come to Lund from far away and many feel alone or experience other difficulties. We can be welcoming all students and invite them into our lives.
Perhaps in Domino we could also do something together for other people, such people we normally do not meet with. So we talked about once a week make a simple meal or sandwiches and share with homeless people, or perhaps do something with refugee young people coming alone to Lund.
We will investigate this path the coming months, see what is needed, talk to people, and see if we could do it together with other Christian student groups.
Sunday January 26th after Mass and meal Lucas from Caritas Lund will come and talk about his work and what could be done in Lund.

Look also at the post Program January – Newsletter: Become Creators of Peace about Friendship as a Christian way.


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