Program coming weeks

hello, this Sunday film and coming Sunday it´s  Mass + an interesting program after the meal- which could result in something new.
Don´t you think it´s time to renew Domino a bit?  Without necesserily challenging the essence of friendship and community, prayer and reflection on faith and life. We already talked about a Domino caritative proposal together with other Christian students in Lund.The blog should need a renewal. Are there other things? Start talk to each others and to me. I´ll be back in Lund for the FilmDays February 20th to 22nd, yours br Björn

Fr Paul-Do  is present and participates with students, and celebrates Mass.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29, helps to coordinate things. First turn to Evelina if there is something you want to happen.
SUNDAY January 19th
Film and discussion 19.15
19.15 Me and You and Everyone We Know
by Miranda July, USA 2005, 91 min
A handful of disparate characters, both adults and children, find themselves navigating the tricky waters of intimacy in this award-winning independent comedy drama. A life supportive film with depth and feeling.
Br Björn, 0762-76 36 67, together with Magnus Pete and Daniel.
SUNDAY January 26th
Student Sunday Mass 16.30
Mass is followed by a meal and program

OBS – for the meal, if possible please bring things for the table to share with others.
Program: Lucas in Caritas Lund talks about the work of Caritas and what is needed in Lund. Talk about a Domino activity for friendship with people in need. Look at post Developping Friendship beneath.
Benoît, 0730-46 82 50  coordinates the Mass and meal.

TUESDAY even weeks (4,6…) –January 21st and February 4th
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé
-come 19.15 and we look at some songs together.
Gathering with program afterwards- sharing on a theme alternatively on a Bible story. Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
Magda, 0762-12 10 99  together with Anna, with help from Stefano.
WEDNESDAY Mass 12.10followed by lunch –every week
Sign in for preparing the lunch on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29, gets people preparing the meal contact her and make this service for each others.
TORSDAG  ojämna veckor30 januari och 13 februari
Tema om katolsk tro 17.15-18.45
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro.
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50

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