It´s cold, but we praise life!

hello, the semester started some weeks ago and some new students has arrived at Domino. I would really encourage all of you to welcome each others and also do some small things outside the normal activities. Domino is really based on such friendship, not to be an anonimous institution. Do things, talk to each others, pay interest!
Today we are celebrating the Presentation of Jesus in the temple, 40 days after his birth. He is welcomed in his community and also given by his parents to God. You see? It goes in different directions this welcoming. And when we receive each others it´s God we receive, and we are received by God.  Life is a patchwork of such relations, far beyond the concrete material reality we can seee and touch. That´s the greatness of life, that make´s it such a wonder.
The Presentation is conceived first of all as a Praise to life. It´s cold, it´s dark, we´re too busy, but anyhow we praise the wonders of life.
yours br Björn


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