Letter about Ukraina

I got a letter from a Dominican brother, br Zdzislaw, that I would like to share with you, br Björn

Dear Friends,
As you now, I live in Russia but I am now in Kiev where I used to live before. From here I want to tell you a few words. In fact, I would like to repeat the request of our Ukrainian friends: do not be indifferent. I am convinced that an important shift may happen here but also despair (as well as concealed hatred) may prevail for years if the Ukrainian people is deprived of its fundamental rights. A shift in Ukraine will have a positive impact for the whole Eastern Europe. Despair in Ukraine will provoke despair elsewhere! So, please, pray for Ukraine! Innocent people are dying in streets of Kiev. Snipers are shooting at accidental targets. If you can help in a way, do not hesitate. It can be a sign of sympathy for Ukrainians, it can be a gesture of solidarity… If you can make audible the voice of Ukrainians for authorities in your countries, it is also important.
Perhaps you know Myroslav Marynovych’s dramatic appeal: http://www.neweasterneurope.eu/interviews/1103-what-can-ukraine-expect-from-the-west-now
I am not sure whether I can agree with each single word of this text but it is worth to be read.
Circulating between Russia and Ukraine I am convinced that neither Russia is an enemy of Ukraine nor vice versa. There are however people in both countries who are ready to use all possible means to preserve their influences and money.
Today, people in Ukraine want to regain their country from hands of those who used it as a source of their private incomes. This struggle deserves a support. Our experience in Central Europe and the experience of other countries which recently underwent a transformation show that democratic changes are not a remedy for all miseries. Nevertheless they give a sign of hope. This sign is necessary now in Ukraine.


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