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How to condense the Scripures in one sentence? It could be: God loves his creation. He does not love because people repent. He does not love because man improved and became “better”. He loves because that is how he is. … Continue reading

Domino this week March 23rd to 29th: Saturday Vigil with adoration and program

TISDAG 25 mars
Tema om katolsk tro 17.15-18.45
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro. 25 mars är Marie Bebådelsedag som är en högtid, mässa firas kl 18 i St Thomas, samlas först på Sandgatan.
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50 och Karin

Mass 12.10followed by lunch

Vigil with:  Adoration of the sacrament in the chapel – Program in the hall at the same time
Take time off from other occupations.  An opportunity to spend some more time in prayer in community with others, and meet for other things. Look here:

You can come and go during the evening. Bring friends. Something you want to do? tell me br Björn – we need people engaging!

18. 15          Coffea tea and short start of the evening, intro.
19                 Evening prayer with the Dominican brothers
19.30 -23    Adoration in silence in front of the sacrament.
In the hall: baking, meal together, sharing and other things …

23-23.15     Night prayer

Newsletter March 16th

Start with yourself is often the best advice (to yourself).  I feel empty, I feel alone – start with myself. – Exterior things,  a trip, or getting a girl friend will not help to add what is really lacking. Start with yourself – it´s not moral, that I should tell myself to behave better. It´s rather to start some daily practise of being more aware of my being.
It could be to hear the birds sing now in the mornings. Or really taste the food I eat for breakfast. Hidden in this everyday life, in its encounters, reading and walking around there is the creative power of God, ever present, ever acting. It takes some trust and some practise to discover this dynamic reality. This could be a good fasting this lent, to discover simple life.

Another conflict has raised in Europe the last months, that between Ukraina and Russia. Again we witness how media seem trapped in their own dramaturgy: the good guys and the bad ones, the black and the white, the sharp and inevitable conflict. That may create headlines that draws attention, but is it true? Whatever conflict we hear about, where people fail to live together, it´s suitable to examine the arguments of both sides, and to look deep, on the historical background that make different people or powers act as they do. Where should we aim? That people could regain peaceful living together, and that we ourselves don´t get caught in various kinds of black and white- propaganda.

This coming week:  Prayer in the spirit of Taizé on Tuesday 18th at 19.30.

We´re planning to start a reading of St Paul´s letter to the Romans together with students at Laurentiistiftelsen (part of Swedish protestant church) , a proposal is to start Monday April 7th at 19.15, meeting Mondays once a month.  There will be lists at Sandgatan, you could also send me a mail.

br Björn