News from Domino, March

The Film Days were some great days with many people around, appreciated introductions by Astrid and good films. We had, I think, a really good ambiance and  talk of great interest. It´s fine to discover how much is hidden of truth and reality in pieces of art.
Truth– then I mean the ambiguity of life, where the events we go through can have many meanings, and where we can play with our understanding – a meeting with a friend could be ful of joy, but also contain dark streams.
For approaching thruth many interpretations should be ackknowledged. It´s when starting excluding, wanting something to mean ony one thing that life looses its depths.
Truth – I mean also that in every situation the Gospel of Jesus Christ is hidden. Just look around at all mysteries of the world, and you could slowly start to discover that the life of the Son is the very structure of the world: as the great poet Goethe said in a short sentence: Die and Become. To find real life we have to see our weekness, for that there is no short cut. Basically all the films we looked at during our Film Days were built on this theme.

We decided some things about Domino last week at our annual meeting.
First of all, it would be fine if we could do something caritative together, togheter with others in Lund. Not like strong and knowing people helping the week and unknowing. Rather practise true hospitality, welcoming others with friendship, learning from other people. There will be a place at Vipeholm (former hospital in eastern Lund) where beggers from Romania could come (I suppose sleep over night, taking shower etc), a cooperation among Christians in Lund. We could be there, or perhaps there are other things we could engage with. Investigations continue.
Some people wants to start reading St Pauls letter to the Romans with a commentary. I hope we can do that once a month together with some Protestant students, to break the circle and get new points of view. Reading the Bible is much more interesting than many people think. So much is hidden in the writings, suddenly there are break-throughs and you understand new things about the world and yourself. Day is not decided yet.

Young adults will continue to meet, from now like once a month and in the week-ends. First meeting will be Sunday April 13th. There will be aslo more open discussions, easier to join without preparation.


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