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Program May

Hello, in May, before this end of semester we have new things happening. Come to Masses, Tasting Ignatian, Taizé, Film, Läsning av Romarbrevet och temagruppen! And try to get in here in time, rather than fifteen minutes late..look for more at dominolund.see you yours br Björn
Br Björn, Student Chaplain 076-2763667
Br Paul-Do  is present and participates with students, and celebrates Mass.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29,
ysterious, confounding, and unnerving are all words to describe most of the film’s running time, which gives way to what seems to be an incredibly transparent finale, – See more at:

FRIDAY May 2nd at 4.30 pm -Saturday May 3rd until lunch
Tasting Ignatian Spirituality – An introduction to Ignatian Spirituality for students and young adults
Fr. Fredrik Heiding S.J.  Jesuit in Uppsala
Registration, 0762- 76 36  67   Are there somee people who cold be helpful to prepare the meals?

ysterious, confounding, and unnerving are all words to describe most of the film’s running time, which gives way to what seems to be an incredibly transparent finale, – See more at:
SUNDAY May 11th
Student Sunday Mass 16.30
Mass is followed by a meal and program
ome for preparation  at 15.45
OBS – for the meal, if possible please bring things for the table to share with others.
Benoît, 0730-46 82 50  coordinates the Mass and meal.
SUNDAY May 11th
Film and discussion 19.15
19.15 The Banishment
by Andrey Zvyagintsev, Russia 2008, 146 min

At the Film Days we showed The Return by the same director. THis is his second film.This is a tale about communication, and how we are often most isolated from those  that are in closest proximity to us, a tale about two people, once in love, who no longer know how to speak to one another. IT ´s mysterious and confounding with many surprises.
Br Björn, 0762-76 36 67, together with Magnus, Pete and Daniel.
MÅNDAG 12 maj
Läsning av Romarbrevet kl 19

OBS på Laurentiistiftelsen, biblioteket på Kastanjegatan 19E. Den som vill kan komma till Sandgatan 18.30 så går vi tillsammans.
Tillsammans med protestantiska studenter från Laurentiistiftelsen. Till hjälp har vi en bok av franciskanen Raniero Cantalamessa, Life in Christ, A spiritual commantary. Första gången blev väldigt bra, det går bra för nya att ansluta.
Vi kommer att träffas ca en gång i månaden.
TUESDAY even weeks (4,6…) –April 29th and May 13th
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé 19.30
-come 19.15 and we look at some songs together.
Gathering with program afterwards- sharing on a theme alternatively on a Bible story. Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
Magda, 0762-12 10 99  together with Anna, with help from Stefano.
TISDAG  ojämna veckor  6 maj
Tema om katolsk tro 17.15-18.45
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro.
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50


WEDNESDAY Mass 12.10followed by lunch –every week
Sign in for preparing the lunch on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29, gets people preparing the meal contact her and make this service for each others.


and this week there is at Domino

Tisdag 22 april – Tema om katolsk tro kl 17.15
Wednesday 23rd – Student Mass and lunch, 12.10

yours br Björn

Alexander’s confirmation celebration on Easter Sunday.

Dear friends, I just received the great gift of professing the Catholic faith along with the sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion this Holy Thursday.

Come and celebrate our shared graces with me on Easter Sunday from 15.00! In true Easter Sunday spirit, we provide sweets and look forward to share this Holy day with you!

The party will take place at Cassandra’s apartment at Ulrikedalsvägen 33E, take a look at this map for directions. We might put up ballons for you to follow to get to the apartment! If you need to reach me or Cassandra:

Alexander: 070-2912950
Cassandra: 073-8197432

See you on Easter Sunday!