News in time for the carnival!

It´s carnival time in Lund and many students look forward for this occasion. Right now it´s raining, but they promise nice and warm weather. So enjoy!
It´also end of semester and as usually many student prepare to go back to their country or another part of Sweden. In Domino we will see Dani depart elsewhere in Sweden after several years here. And Konstantin, Johannes, Manuel, Martynas and perhaps also Marina and others will leave Sweden.

We´ll  have some nice occasions to meet before, though. Sunday May 25th we´ll have a biking excursion to Rögle, the convent of the Dominican sisters, 10 km from Lund, with Mass and picnic. We´ll meet at the garden of Sandgatan, entrance Tomegapsgatan at 9.50.
Following Sunday, June 1st we´ll have our last Sunday Mass at Sandgatan at 16.30afterwards a barbecue in the garden, a party occasion among many others those days, for some.

All these festivities! God likes us to be happy and enjoying each others company. That´s part of our Christian vocation. The first thing Jesus did after his baptism was to attend a weeding and change water to wine, for the pleasure end enjoyment of his fellows. There is a time for feast, there are times for other things.

For all occations Jesus says: follow me, be my friend – by loving each other, listening to each others, caring for each others. God´s way is a way to openness and friendship, an open road leading you to places you do not yet know.

yours br Björn


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