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Friendship June 24th

Tuesday June 24th at 19.30 we´ll meet to talk and pray around how to develop friendship with other people. What I hear so far talked about is following , but there could also be other things:
homeless people in Lund – f ex helpling Mona Lisa from the Catholic parish to make sandwiches and be present at her soup kitchen on Saturdays at about 17.00 at St Knuts Torg opposite the station. Why not cominig Saturday visit the place?
I could also be at Sandgatan, a much bigger investment needed though.
-refugee youth – there is a home for children and youth who came alone to Sweden, in the center of Lund – could be possible to develop something with them, visiting doing things…We need to now more though what they need. Does someone have time this week to talk to Lucas at Caritas?
-visiting group at Malmö prison – there has been, I think such a group- possible to join?
-visiting group at LVU-home Råbyhemmet close to Lund – there is place, these are kids who are taken care of and sometimes with criminal background.
-visiting group at the hospital.
When we meet, I suggest that we
-gather for a talk about possibilities, to share info about possibilities – so take some time to inform yourself coming week.
-pray, using also texts from the Gospel ( please look for suitable texts yourselves) and free intercessions, time of silence and some singing.
-talk about what what we long to do.
You could also tell other people and I think we could perhaps invite some other Christian student group. Nothing is closed or decided, but we´let this take time if needed, and then we can better invest ourselves. Everyone has certainly time to share.
yours br Björn

Bokrelease måndag 16 juni!

hej, diakon Björn H i församlingen i Lund har release av sin nya bok i St Thomas församling måndagen den 16 juni kl 18.30.

Boken handlar om kommunikation och kärlek.

Alla Dominos och andra välkomna!

Join for Developing Friendship

Hi, here´s more about Developing Friendship – tell me if you want to participate,  yours br Björn

develop för dominolund