News Summer

Early this morning I woke up without any thoughts in my head. The window was open, Lund was all calm, it was just the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds. The sounds of silence so to say. It was a great joy, the adventure of creation in it´s simplicity.
In a gospel story Matthew, a not very perfect man sits outside his house and a man passes by and asks him to follow him. And he does. Later he becomes the writer of that gospel, about that man he suddenly follows, Jesus.
How is he able to just follow? He takes a chance!  He is someone thinking a lot of money and about how to get more – and he is fed up with it, really fed up. This makes him sufficiantly open. There must be more in life than gathering things.
He is prepared to leave. The man passing has something special. A special presence, a special radiance. His body is radiant, his eyes. This presence is love and it is attractive and beautiful.
So Matthew is seduced. To be seduced, find attraction and beauty in this way is much more than passion or thrills. It´s the basic thing of life itself.
Why not this summer put a way some unnecessary things (“what is not necessary is sin”…someone radically said) and get attracted like him. Put away some thrills, some mobiles and happenings? it is worth a try, it really is.
We started our prayer and talk  about fiendship with others. This summer, if in Lund, visit the soup kitchen Saturdays at St Knuts torg at about 6 pm and talk to people there. Sit down on the street with one of the beggers and share a moment. And on Tuesday July 29th we´ll have another meeting to see what we can do.
Football was a nice evening where lots of people showed up and had some fun together – to enjoy each other is really a good thing.
At the end of August we start more regular meetings again. Welcoming of foreign students will take place on Monday August 25th at Café Aten at AF from 10-16, i hope we can have a group there at that occasion.

yours br Björn


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