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DOMINO coming week, August 31 to Sep 7th

Join Domino activities the coming week:

Sundays Aug 31st and Sep 7th – come for Sunday Mass to St Thomas Church at 10. Stora Tomegatan/Lilla Algatan – we take a coffee together afterwards and talk a bit.

Måndag – Läsning av Romarbrevet, tillsammans med Laurentiistiftelsen (Svenska Kyrkan),
med en kommentar av Raniero Cantalamessa, franciscanmunk. Sandagatan 8 kl 19

Tuesday – Prayer in the Spirit of Taizé, 19.30 – come and prepare before. Gathering afterwards. Look at

Wednesday – Mass 12.10 followed by lunch for the students (contribution about 20 SKr if possible)

Wednesday – Football at Östervångsskolan (east of the Botanic garden) at 19.00 Magda 076-2121099

Happy news in Domino

There are several happy news to convey to you!
first: Our dear friend Ajosh who stayed with us for several years will marry in Kerala, India September 15th- pray for him and Arathi.
This Autumn two of our friends will visit Lund, bont Milan, coming soon and Wilbert, in October.
And we started this week with a pleasant lunch and a film evening yesterday, a good film and a good talk.
Join everybody at Sunday Mass at 10 o´clock in St Thomas Church at the corner Stora Tomegatan- Lilla Algatan in the centre of Lund. Let´s meet afterwards for a coffee, yours br Björn

Coming to Lund

Hello, today we were present all day to meet with new students at AF. A moment also for us to get starting after the summerbreak. Already this week we have gatherings tomorrow and on Wednesdan, and the football on Thursday, of course.
When I saw all new ones today I thought that for many of these students it´s a very important moment in life: leaving family and wellknown culture and get away alone, far away. Certainly not only a physical change, but as well a spiritual one: to advance to a new spot in life, getting completely new perspectives on how life is and can be lived. Perhaps moments of difficult lonelyness- to receive as openly as possible. Perhaps and hopefully also moments of unexpected sharing, also to receive, of course! In all these moments God is there, God who is on our side in discovering life, on our side when in difficulties and who wants our contribution in making peace within ourselves, between ourselves. A peace built on sincerity and truth, hospitality and happiness, see you perhaps in Lund, yours br Björn