FRIENDSHIP – continuation

Dear friends,
I continue to write about our friendship-initiative (look beneath), because it is both urgent and important.
It seems our path will be longer than I expected. When talking about a month ago I found there was an interest, though a bit hesitating. Now, with our meeting and prayer last Tuesday (which was very interesting!) we concluded that there is little talk among students about this and no great enthusism expressed. I myself also got only few spontaneous comments from students.
Tell me if I´m wrong!
We suggested last time that there is resistence among us which is not expressed.
If could be uncertaincy connected to meeting others, people in completely different situations and other backgrounds than ourselves.
It could be the feeling or the impression of not being enough ancred in God, not having strengh to give out ourselves.
I could be the feeling that if you get into these situations you ought to give out yourself completetly and without limit, and that of course evoke fear.
It could be that you are busy with many things already, and here´s one more thing to do.
Do you recognize something of this?
Well, if you like to go beyondthese obstacles, then you must talk and express yourselves freely, about your resistences or fears. These things dwell and grow very nicely in silence, and tend to have quite simple solutions when talked about.
So I would like to ask you to start talking to each others, to God and to yourself whenever there is an occasion and be as honest as possible.
And then we continue with our meeting and prayers on Friendship with others  in September, let´s decide a Friday evening when we also share a dinner, pray in front of the Sacrament and put up against what hinders us,

yours br Björn


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