Football Wednesdays

We are playing football every Wednesday at 8pm in Stadsparken – join! All Domino-members are welcome, but also every other person who wants to have a good laugh and some fun while running and kicking a ball – it’s very relaxed and really anybody can join. So bring all of your friends, family, colleagues, flat mates…

We meet at 8pm between the hills on the south edge of Stadsparken. Going from Mejeriet, you follow the path straight ahead and then cross the grass and another path going towards some hills. There, you should see some people and a green football. If you don’t find us, try to call me: 0762121099.

AUGUST: Football is planned at 8pm on the Wednesdays 13th and 20th of August and on the Thursday 28th of August (because there is a film evening at Domino on that Wednesday, we move the football to Thursday).

See you! Magda


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