Domino NOW – Friendship and all kinds of things…

Br Björn, Student Chaplain 076-2763667
Br Paul-Do is present and participates with students, and celebrates Mass.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29
Student Sunday Mass 16.30  during Autumn will be celebrated the following dates:
Sep 21st, Oct 19th, Nov 30th and Dec 14th – add it already now in your calender!
Benoît, 0730-46 82 50 coordinates the Mass and meal.
TISDAG 9 september (ojämna veckor)
Tema om katolsk tro 17.15-18.45
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro. . DET BLIR MIDDAG DEN HÄR GÅNGEN, ta med något att dela med de andra.
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50 och Karin
Developing Friendship with others 19.30
Prayer (also adoration) and talk to discern an engagement with others: homeless people, refugee youth, prisoners, old people.
OBS! Look at posts from June-July at Interested ? – then please come, we need all voices.
THURSDAY Sep 11th -FRIDAY Sep 12th
F I L M D A Y S  – “Father Unknown”
– look for details in the post beneath
TUESDAY-Sep 16th (even weeks (4,6…)
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé 19.30

-come 19.15 and we look at some songs together.
Gathering with program afterwards- Look at []about Taizé.
Magda, 0762-12 10 99 together with Anna
Mass 12.10,
followed by lunch –every week
Sign in for preparing the lunch on the list attached on the fridge at
Sandgatan.  Evelina, 0705-65 24 29, gets people preparing the meal . contact her and make
this service for each others.
WEDNESDAYS  every week
Football at Östervångsskolan at 19.00

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