News in Domino

Hello, many things happened at Domino last month. New students arrived, and many different activities has taken place. A big thing is our Friendship initiatives with refugee youths and homeless people. We now start in a small scale and after a few times we´ll find out how to continue.
Friendship is at the heart of the Christian way. To be a Christian is not be to have fixed opinions on everything. It´s, rather, to open up to other people and in some way invite them into your life.
That´s not all easy. First of all: it´s very concrete and can not be hidden by nice words.
Many times it´s also easier to put up the guard and not let others in, because of wounds in life and the fear they can build up. If someone tells you: “I´m  all alone.” – then this is not obvious how to receive. It demands rather a great deal of trust in life and courage to take. Courage to face your own solitude without running away.
Friendship with Jesus deep in our heart helps a lot. But also to see a bit more of your own life, its shortcomings and benefits. With some distance to our feelings we can find many things to be grateful for: the tree outside the window, a small talk with a good person, a meeting where someone expresses himself freely,
Join for the excursion this Sunday, look beneeth! Give me a mail before Friday evening! yours br Björn


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