News: Active Hope – gatherings after Prayer in the spirit of Taizé

Hello dear friends,
The last Taizé prayers there were quite a lot of people joining, and since this prayer is based on singing it also affected the singing – more voices and easier I think to relax in the singing.
This Autumn we´ll have the theme of Active Hope for the gatherings after the prayers.
Active Hope – it goes very well with the spririt of the Taizé community  (look on taizé.fr ), working a lot on creating community, reflexions on our life and to deepen the spiritual experience of God in our hearts.

Active Hope – our world is in need of that istn´t it?
-The expoitation of natural ressorces, of animals, of men, has with modern technology become very efficiant. If everyone on earth used as much energy as the Swedes, we should need many, many earths to provide it. The climate change has led to a rise of natural cathastophies in poor countries. Many spieces of animals, birds, insects are exterminated. In last years there is a distinct decrease of several common birds in Sweden. And for people: cultures are vanishing, an exodus of people from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Soudan and other countries make that this summer more people than ever (also during World War II) became refugees. Unemployement and social instability are threatening tolerance and openness in Europe.

…Well, do you feel that all this is too much to handle,
and that you to survive has to cut off from all these things? That you, anyhow cannot  can do anything about these enourmous things? Active Hope, or Work that Reconnects is worked out by Joanna Macey, an eco-pholosopher and system theory scholar.  She proposes three steps to stop withdrawing from the problems of the word  – not to make life more difficult through forced activities and ideologies:
To face the realities of the world and at the same time regaining energy and human vitality.

The three steps are:
Experience gratitude in our lives
Honouring our pain for the world
(it means to face a bit more what we really feel about our brothers and sisters in difficulties, various exploitations of the earth – and through this awaken our energy)
Seeing with new eyes
Going forth

Active Hope in this form is not coming from the Christian tradition. Though it conforms well to the Spirit of Christ: the Spirit of compassion, of love of life and of our fellow brothers and sisters. Through Christ we share in one another.

In a small scale and with some few excercices we´re going to follow these steps at the gatherings after the Taizé prayers this Autumn. Not dangerous at all! But indeed very life assertive! Look for more at:
We already started last time with Gratitude – and we´ll stay on this step for several times  – join for prayers and gatherings every second Tuesday (Oct 14th -Oct 28th, etc)

yours br Björn


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