DOMINO program – EXCURSION, Active Hope, BÖN etc

I´ll be in 10 o´clock Mass in St Thomas, you could join and we´ll walk together to the station.
On Saturday it´s All Saints and there is a Mass at 18.00 in Saint Thomas
See you, yours br Björn
Br Björn, Student Chaplain 076-2763667
Br Paul-Do is present and participates with students, and celebrates Mass.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29
Student Sunday Mass 16.30 during Autumn will be celebrated the following dates:
Sep 21st, Oct 19th, Nov 30th and Dec 14th – add it to your calender!
Benoît, 0730-46 82 50 coordinates the Mass and meal.

TUESDAY – October  28th and 11th (even weeks (4,6…)
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé 19.30
-come 19.15 and we look at some songs together
Program afterwards: We´ll continue workshops on Active Hope, simple but useful and profound exercises about GRATITUDE . which can be a a good ground for a personal faith and richer life.  Also you who did not attend so far could join. Alexander will lead the talk this time.
– Look also at []about Taizé.
Magda, 0762-12 10 99 together with Anna for prayers, br Björn 076-2763667 for gatherings.


SUNDAY – November 2nd at 11.30 at Lund station
Excursion- Walking in the nature
We´ll go to Knivsåsen 25 km east of Lund, to walk in a beautiful area for some hours. Bring picnic! And good shoes and clothes. We hope for better weather!
Gathering 11.30 at Lund station, busstop H (close to then orthern entrance to the station) to take bus 160 towards Sjöbo. Bus back at 15.39 or 16.39, in Lund 30 minuters later.
Please register to br Björn 076-2763667 or, Saturday at 12 (noon) latest.

MÅNDAG 3 november kl 19
Läsning av Romarbrevet
(denna gång på Sandgatan 8)
Vi fortsätter vår läsning tillsammans med studenter från protestantisk tradition från Laurentiistiftelsen. Vi använder en kommentar av franciskanen Raniero Cantalamessa, som är påvens egen predikant.
TISDAG 4 november (ojämna veckor)
Tema om katolsk tro 17.15-18.45
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro.
Vi börjar en ny serie kring att be, vad bön är och att gå in i särskilda böneformer som rosenkransen. Alla välkomna förstås
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50 och Karin
Mass 12.10,
followed by lunch –every week
Sign in for preparing the lunch on the list attached on the fridge at
Sandgatan. Evelina, 0705-65 24 29

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