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Toward God´s Coming

today it´s 1st of Advent – a time of waiting has started. Of course, we always wait, that comes from our humanity, waiting and longing for and working for things to come through – and God is coming every day, every instant.
Yet we celebrate Advent as a special waiting for God´s arrival in our hearts, in this world in Jesus Christ, born i Bethlehem, and at the end of time. We are human and we need such symbolical events, which mark out different times, different moods, different ways to act. We need it to understand and to enter into life. Events where we put light on something special and share that in friendship. Advent is thus coloured by waiting and reflection and prayer and working for God´s presence in the world.

Let´s make something out of that together. Make some space (it´s a difficult time for that, I know) in the evening. like 20 minutes, sitting and reading a part of the Gospel, asking and thanking God, and put some silence in to it. Make this as one of the preparations for Christmas, God´s arrival.  Reading the Gospel? The Gospel is inspired by the Hoiy Spirit, and when reading it -slowly, slowly, looking at the words carefully – it reaches out to the Holy Spirit dwelling in our heart. The Spirit talks to the Spirit! And makes us open up to new understandings, and new perspectives on life… Read for exemple first chapeters of Luke,
yours br Björn

DOMINO Coming Weeks

TUESDAY – November 25th and December 9th even weeks (4,6…)
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé 19.30
-come 19.15 and we look at some songs together.
Program afterwards: Active Hope – All  things are Interconnected!
– Look also at []about Taizé.
Magda, 0762-12 10 99 together with Anna for prayers, br Björn 076-2763667 for gatherings.
SUNDAY – November 30th
Sunday Student Mass at 16.30 at Sandgatan 8
Afterwards a dinner, please bring things to share. Perhaps also a program afterwards.
Are you interested to sing? Let´s continue our informel group to lead the singing in Mass. Come not later than 15.45. Proffessional level not required, just will to sing!
MÅNDAG 1 december
Romarbrevet, kl 19 på Laurentiistiftelsen, biblioteket, Kastanjegatan 19 E – vill du ha sällskap dit kom till Sandgatan 8 senast 18.30.
Vi läser och kommenterar tillsammans med studenter inom den protestantiska traditionen.
TISDAG 2 december (ojämna veckor)
Tema om katolsk tro 17.15-18.45
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro.
BÖN, vad är det? Rosenkransen, att gå in i...
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50 och Karin
FRIDAY  December 5th
Christmas Candy Evening 18.00
Dinner together, and then making candies for the Christmas Fair in St Thomas parish on Saturday 6th.
We also need people for selling our things at the Fair – email Magda, to register.

Further info at
Mass 12.10 
followed by lunch –every week
Sign in for preparing the lunch on the list attached on the fridge at
Sandgatan. Evelina, 0705-65 24 29

NEWs – small steps towards friendship

Dear friends,
small, small steps are often the way to a real change. If it´s change you are longing for. The Christian way is in many aspecs paradoxical.
On the one hand – to be a Christian is to long for a complete change, a complete opening, where we are completely transformed through the love of God.
On the other hand, this transformation goes through a radical acceptation of our lives as they present themselves right now. There is not place for the heroic ideologies where we through our mind and action decide the future of the world. Rather a kind of patience and sincerety about myself and the others. Sincerity – I´m not all good and nice and I long for change. Patience – this demands of me to endure my faults that I repeat, until it´s lifted from my shoulders. And I´ll make my best in waiting, in being open to change.
Small steps? – to say: today I will try to make things a bit differently. Today I´ll be more present to my friends or people I meet. Today I´ll listen and I´ll talk openly about what I need from others.
Small steps towards others, myself and God. Small steps to accepts my weekness and sorrow and that of the others. I´m not perfect, neither are they. I long for love, they do so too – let´s make peace. And from that position it´s possible the change also the big, hugh problems our society is facing.
To take a step towards friendship, that´is so important. To know the name of the other, to invite and to let myself be invited.
That counts for our student community and elsewhere – get out more and more of my bubble of pleasure, comfort and conformity. To make real friends, for that I have to step down and see: I´m just like the others, for good and for bad.
Come and participate in Taizé prayer coming Tuesday. Some people from another Christian student group will visit us. We´ll continue with our journey on Active Hope – from Gratitude to other things, some simple exercises taht can open mya eyes.
Join also to share our Mass on Wednesdays. Slowly there is a community gathering around this celebration and the lunch afterwards. It´s nice to rest together in the middle of the week, sharing i meal in all simplicity. Come and make friends at our gatherings.