NEWs – small steps towards friendship

Dear friends,
small, small steps are often the way to a real change. If it´s change you are longing for. The Christian way is in many aspecs paradoxical.
On the one hand – to be a Christian is to long for a complete change, a complete opening, where we are completely transformed through the love of God.
On the other hand, this transformation goes through a radical acceptation of our lives as they present themselves right now. There is not place for the heroic ideologies where we through our mind and action decide the future of the world. Rather a kind of patience and sincerety about myself and the others. Sincerity – I´m not all good and nice and I long for change. Patience – this demands of me to endure my faults that I repeat, until it´s lifted from my shoulders. And I´ll make my best in waiting, in being open to change.
Small steps? – to say: today I will try to make things a bit differently. Today I´ll be more present to my friends or people I meet. Today I´ll listen and I´ll talk openly about what I need from others.
Small steps towards others, myself and God. Small steps to accepts my weekness and sorrow and that of the others. I´m not perfect, neither are they. I long for love, they do so too – let´s make peace. And from that position it´s possible the change also the big, hugh problems our society is facing.
To take a step towards friendship, that´is so important. To know the name of the other, to invite and to let myself be invited.
That counts for our student community and elsewhere – get out more and more of my bubble of pleasure, comfort and conformity. To make real friends, for that I have to step down and see: I´m just like the others, for good and for bad.
Come and participate in Taizé prayer coming Tuesday. Some people from another Christian student group will visit us. We´ll continue with our journey on Active Hope – from Gratitude to other things, some simple exercises taht can open mya eyes.
Join also to share our Mass on Wednesdays. Slowly there is a community gathering around this celebration and the lunch afterwards. It´s nice to rest together in the middle of the week, sharing i meal in all simplicity. Come and make friends at our gatherings.


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