Toward God´s Coming

today it´s 1st of Advent – a time of waiting has started. Of course, we always wait, that comes from our humanity, waiting and longing for and working for things to come through – and God is coming every day, every instant.
Yet we celebrate Advent as a special waiting for God´s arrival in our hearts, in this world in Jesus Christ, born i Bethlehem, and at the end of time. We are human and we need such symbolical events, which mark out different times, different moods, different ways to act. We need it to understand and to enter into life. Events where we put light on something special and share that in friendship. Advent is thus coloured by waiting and reflection and prayer and working for God´s presence in the world.

Let´s make something out of that together. Make some space (it´s a difficult time for that, I know) in the evening. like 20 minutes, sitting and reading a part of the Gospel, asking and thanking God, and put some silence in to it. Make this as one of the preparations for Christmas, God´s arrival.  Reading the Gospel? The Gospel is inspired by the Hoiy Spirit, and when reading it -slowly, slowly, looking at the words carefully – it reaches out to the Holy Spirit dwelling in our heart. The Spirit talks to the Spirit! And makes us open up to new understandings, and new perspectives on life… Read for exemple first chapeters of Luke,
yours br Björn


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