Why all these films?

Hello, some may wonder why we put such un effort on Film Evenings and the coming FIlm Days. Why should we as a Christians sit there and look at just normal films without a word on God, sometimes even seemingly far away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as one of our community activities? Is it just for pleasure? When someone creates something new, something personal, using his humanity in an intense way-  then what is created can get more than an illustration of an idea or a thought. The piece created can become alive, transmitting something that profoundly has to do with our life, not only the life of the creator. And not only his and our lives! The piece created with a sincere intention, with the soul put in, can also become a bearer of God´s life on earth. Jesus Christ lived 2000 yours ago, but the thing with him is that he lives through people of all ages. In their thoughts too, but even more in their actions and through their creations. Jesus alive, not dead! Such a peice created, let´s call it art. If it´s a film it may take action anywhere, just having a good story, showing normal ordinary life. But looking at it you can see that the characters are alive, they are vibrating, thay are talking way beyond the plot of the film…a transcended reality, new every time you look at it, filled with depth and mystery. yours br Björn


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