Touching life – 1. The dream of immediacy

The man, Alain in A Fire Within, one of the films in the Film Days, says:” I cannot touch the world, I feel nothing.”
He lives in such a distance to life, as if life does not belong to him. Nothing awaits him, he longs for nothing, he receives nobody in his life. Alain is completely disconnected.
Why so? What is it with poor Alain?
It´s not energy that lacks. Rather, he is always anxious, prouf enough of vitality. He´s moving around, searching, doing things, meeting with people. But he´s empty.
One suggestion: he´s got a view of life that does not fit to life. Thoughts about life is not life.
The image, his thought: a flowing life, a complete spontanous being, a freedom without boundaries. But it´s just a thought, not reality.
Around Alain: people moving, talking, taking interest. And he, departed from life through thoughts about how life should be. His dream of immediacy.
There are many Alains in this world. Take away all restraints on me, they seem to think, take away the obligations, all kinds of institutions, all structures of behaviour – and there life is.
Is it so? How would life be then?


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