Lent starts: simplify life and give time

hej, this Wednesday Lent is starting – Fasta in Swedish. Ash Wednesday there is Mass 12.10 as usual with distribution of the ashes. Afterwards a simple meal together. This is a time to turn to essentials, for return to prayer. Yes, turn the other way around, and look what is important. We talked about this in TEMA-gruppen  last Thursday. And all  agreed on that how we spend our time is an important thing to look at. Today we are in a great dispersal, through the continous flow of news and events that comes to us through the net. With smartphones this has accelerated, you get it into your pocket. Many people spend thus a very great portion of their time on “getting informed” and “staying in touch”.

A suggestion for Lent is to give up on some of this flow:

-Reduce your use of mediated communication, smartphone, social media and the net. Decide how much and in what form.

Give the time saved to somehting that you find important: cultuvate quality time for friendship in real time, give attention to a special person, engage in som important issue.

Spend some of the time saved for own personal prayer and to get quiet, at least 15 minutes every day.

-During this time: give  thanks for three, each day new things. This will make you more open to the presence of God in your life.

In TEMA we agreed to do something like this, everyone in his on way. Join this initiative and decide before Wednesday your way for this Lent.
Please join! yours br Björn


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