DOMINO i mars: Adoration, Prayer, Film…

Söndags studentmässor:  22 mars, 19 april, 31 maj.
We need people preparing Wednesday lunches, tell me when it would be possible for you!
During Lent: Think of how to simplify life, and give more time and love to people around you during this time.
br Björn 076-276 36 67
mer info och kommentarer på
FRIDAY March 6th
Adoration evening 17.30 – 23.45 – come and go during the evening, or stay!
17.30 Join to prepare a meal
18      Meal
19      Vesper with the Dominicans
19.15  – 23.30
Adoration in the Chapel
– register your presence at least 30 minutes during the evening
Program in the meeting hall:
– Just stay and talk, or: Making things with clay, Singing, Baking, Reading/sharing
23.30 Night prayer
SUNDAY March 15th

Film och diskussion 19.15 Mr Nobody  by Jaco Van Dormael, USA 2019, 149 min.
Complex, visually stunning, and pleasantly convoluted in an enjoyable sense, “Mr Nobody” is a film that seems like it can’t be confined to one genre and while time flows in one continuous direction “Mr Nobody” makes it a point to constantly pedal in the opposite direction. Let your mind wander and drift into the bowels of yourself while viewing the bizarre, dreamlike, and intricate sequences of “Mr Nobody”.The science fiction drama has a way of making you question your existence quite literally.

Mass 12.10 
followed by lunch
Lunch assured by the students, please  sign in to prepare.
Liist attached on the fridge at Sandgatan, or sms br Björn 076-2763667
TUESDAY –  March 3rd and 17th at 19.30
even weeks (4,6…)
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé
Come 19.15 and we look at some songs.
Program afterwards
Magnus and Anna for prayers, br Björn 076-2763667 for gatherings.
TORSDAG – 12 och 26 mars  kl 17.15-18.45
ojämna veckor (5,7…)
Tema och fika kring katolsk tro
Vi pratar och läser kring ett tema. Vem är Gud? Ställ dina frågor.

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