Give it time

Last Sunday we saw a film where two boys slowly, slowly became friends. It was in a school in France during German occupation in 1943 where the Camelite brothers who run the school hid Jewish boys. One of these boys was Jewish and the other one knew and protected him.
Their friendship developed slowly, slowly. And I think that is how things are. Things are not quick when it comes to a deeper human level. Society and culture may make rapid changes, but our personal development, our relations and our faith comes slowly.
We are not yet ready! You can experience a closeness to someone, discover things in yourself in a moment, even have a religious vision – but then comes the day after, and you have to go on, be true to what you experienced. Nothing falls down on us just like that, but you have to be patient, have trust, not dispair – when time is ready things really happen.

Think of that! If life is important to you, to live it fully, you have to take a look on yourself in quiet. But also on God! It is in his light that you can see more without getting desperate. And to learn to know him in the person Jesus also takes time. So give it time. Yours br Björn


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