Monthly Archives: May 2015

Leaving Lund

Many students are leaving Lund these days to go to other cities or countries. Coming and going make part of our world, to connect and to leave behind. Everything has its time and that is how we can orient ourselves in the world and in life.
Lund is not Nairobi, and everyone knows that. But to widen the perspectiv a bit: to eat and to read are different activities and has each one its place. Sunday has it´s ways and Monday has others. Christmas is one thing and Easter another, being with friends are not compatible with writing sms all the time.
So when leaving Lund – leave and embrace the life at the place to which you go. Leave and rembember! Remembering is our faculty to integrate experiences, to be part of in another way. Then I can live more fully with all what I have lived.
Today often facebook or other means of communication seem to be the solution of connecting with what is not here and now. But the memory has greater qualities – if it´s cultivatied it deepens the experience.  The memory even accomplishes the past, it processes what I really lived once in Lund when some time has past.
Leave and remember! Remember what happend, the people you met. Rembember and cultivate you gratitude for what was given – and the pain of what was not. All those things are included in our path with God. Through remembering I can discern how God acted with me. No means of communication can do that!

And return to Lund if it is of interest to you, always welcome! yours br Björn

Rum under sommaren/Room during summer


Rum finns att hyra för yngre man i klostrets studenthus under sommaren, kontakta br Björn, om du är intresserad.
Rum for rent during summer for younger man, contact br Björn if you´re interested.

Last week at Domino: Taizé, Wed Mass, Film and Sunday Mass

hello friends,
end of semester is here and Domino activities are closing with Sunday Mass coming Sunday at 18.00. Let´s make the celebration this day  an occation to remember.
-those who like singing come to look at songs at 5pm.
-bring things for barbecue in the garden after Mass. There will be some wine, but you can also bring things to drink.
– Is there someone people ready to make a sallad for everyone? Please tell now.

We also have Taizé this Tuesday May 26th,  Mass and lunch this Wednesday and a film evening on Thursday this week. One of our Friendship Groups are gathering to make conclusions on Thursday at 17.00.

Really many people will leave Lund, for good, or for a semester. We´ve had a year of renewal I Think, which is a good thing. I´ll come back to that later,

yours br Björn