Last week at Domino: Taizé, Wed Mass, Film and Sunday Mass

hello friends,
end of semester is here and Domino activities are closing with Sunday Mass coming Sunday at 18.00. Let´s make the celebration this day  an occation to remember.
-those who like singing come to look at songs at 5pm.
-bring things for barbecue in the garden after Mass. There will be some wine, but you can also bring things to drink.
– Is there someone people ready to make a sallad for everyone? Please tell now.

We also have Taizé this Tuesday May 26th,  Mass and lunch this Wednesday and a film evening on Thursday this week. One of our Friendship Groups are gathering to make conclusions on Thursday at 17.00.

Really many people will leave Lund, for good, or for a semester. We´ve had a year of renewal I Think, which is a good thing. I´ll come back to that later,

yours br Björn


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