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Klostervecka Rögle kloster 11-16 augusti

Hej,  dominikansystrarna i Rögle har bjudit in bröder och systrar från olika ordnar till en klostervecka, där man lever klosterliv tillsammans med intresserade unga katoliker 18-32 år gamla. Låter det intressant? Kolla affischen och anmäl dig.klosterreträtt Rögle 15 -1 (566x800)


Independant – in relation

How independant are we or should we be of others? This was a subject of a quite animated talk after Taizé prayer last Tuesday.
Sometimes, well, quite often, we have to be independent of others’ views on us, if we should do good things. “Good things”? By that I mean: What you yourself judge should be done, has to be done, in a situation. What you judge! That demands a developed jugement…
Look at that man Jesus. He did not expect encouragement or “strokes” as it is called. He had a super-judgement of what had to be done – and he did it against everyone else, with death as a consequence. He could do so because he was acting “in the spirit”. Instead of looking for other peoples’ support, not even his family, his heart listened only to the Father. That gave him capacity of love and capacity of independance.
It is natural for humans to look for human support. It comforts us. But it also binds us to “natural” actions. Receiving grace of God means eating like a bird from the hands of God, and that means another greater freedom. No one can put the hand on you! No one can seriously hurt you when you live under Gods protection. A good reason to look for God in your life.
“I´m not Jesus”, could be one objection. “Not yet, but already”, I would answer. With him as a friend and master I can discover in my heart and in my life my Jesus-identity. To be a solitary person, an independent person, in contact, in friendship, in loving relations with others. Yours br Björn