Coming to Lund

Finally some real summer has arrived to Lund, at the same time as the foreign students are coming down the streets with their (too) big bags. A special sound occurs these days: bags rolling over paving stones. Many excited students get around, eager to discover life in Lund, and also many with some fears of loneliness and lacking family life.

Go somewhere abroad and you  will bring what you have experienced before, so it is: you are never a blank piece of paper. All those students coming from all around the world they look so alike from the outside, in outfit, smiles and manners. But inside their landscape differs so much, everyone bringing his or her past, their very personal expectations, talents and difficulties.
To be attentive to these differences, that is to be attentive to God, because our life, the personal parts that especially make up a person rests in Him. To see a bit more of the other one, what he really brings with him to Lund, that is an adventure, and an adventure that demands a lot: also to take yourself serious. That is a key to deeper contact with others!

Student life, and especially now at the beginning of the semester, can from the outside look as if it was only sunshine and glory, because that is what many students show at the start. But inside, in this reality which is the temple of God, there is much to discover in everyone, in depth and in width. Let those days come!

Yours br Björn


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