A New start + Film Days+Excursion

Hello, look here for things the coming weeks. And for the retreat described in the post beneath,

Film Days: Three films on the theme of reconciliation
Films followed by discussion. Meals and mingling.
Look here for program  – Welcome to join.

Excursion to Rögle monastery 10 km outside Lund, a place of Dominican sisters  – walk, Mass, picnic
OBS – Changed hours: Mass in Rögle is at 17.30 this day, so look here:
– Gathering outside Lund station main building at 13.40 (latest)
– Bus 3 to Linero and walk in the nice countryside to Rögle (about 5 km)
– Bring pic-nic, we´ll eat on our way.
– Gathering with one of the sisters
– Mass at Rögle and then walk back.
Rögle is a good place visiting by your own, close to Lund, easy to join. Get to know Rögle, go there for Masses, personal retreats. It´s also the place of the student retreat end of October.
Register to br Björn, bjorn@dominikan.nu or 076-276 36 67
before Saturday noon

Tisdag 15 sep Taizé 19.30  – Måndag 21 sep Sandsoppa 17.30   –  Onsdagar Mässa/Mass 12.10 följt av lunch/lunch afterwards – Söndagsmässa 4 okt 18.00

Semester has started and suddenly it seems to be a new situation in Europe, with people walking on motorways, crossing boarders without registration  – and with this a waking up to a new reality. Hundreds of refugees at Malmö station arriving and lots of people welcoming. We should though remember that in Lebanon and Turkey there are millions of refugees in camps and only very few come to Europe. One person arrives in Europe this year on 1000 inhabitants. Quite possible to integrate, istn´t it?
A sudden wake up – for long or not? Strong images in media and strong feelings – but when feelings fade away? Consistent choices, true committments are needed, grounded in …faith, hope, love…perhaps religion and Christianity is needed more than ever? Because that is what a true encounter with Jesus Christ will give. To take this encounter seriously is a good challenge to us!
Domino received quite a few new students the last weeks, Swedish students and exchange students. We made a good start, let´s form a community of friendship between us and with others, why not with refugees?
yours br Björn



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