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Mercy and friendship

Last week the Catholic parish, other Christians and the Islamic cultural center gathered winter clothes for refugees in Croatia. We were some from DOMINO, participating Sunday afternoon. This was an important moment in Lund, gathering different groups doing someting for people in need. A great moment of concrete Community – created not from having a nice event, but from sharing in concrete actions for others. In such moment Christ is truely present, creating one body of us all. Hopefully this action will be followed by a continuous work and friendship with refugees arriving to Lund. To teach language, to play with children, to be friends.  Are there people interested to participate?

We already have the Friendship initiative with people in the street, mainly meeting  with beggars once a week. I feel this initiative is one of the most important things in Domino the last year, bring great fruits to those who have joined. If someone more is interested, please tell me.

Br Tomasz stressed in his introduction at the Mercy-seminar yesterday: You are compassionate because you recognize yourself in need of compassion and understand that it could be you being in the situation of distress. The core of Christian life: develop friendship because you need friendship, because then God is there for us all.

Film och diskussion

Hello, join for film and discussion Sunday December 6th at 19.30! We´are at the moment looking at some films from Africa, very interesting indeed and a lot to talk about, yours br Björn

Moolaade by Ousmane Sembene, Senegal 2004, 124 min
Moolaade seem to be a film made by a director whose heart is in harmony with his mind. It is a film of anger, and of beauty, humor, a deep affection for human nature. Ousmane Sembene must have lived enough, suffered enough and laughed enough to find the wisdom of age.
His film is about, and against, the custom of female circumcision, practiced in many Muslim lands (although Islamic law forbids it). Does that make you think you don’t want to see it? Think again. Sembene embodies his subject so deeply with his characters, and especially with his heroine Colle, that it becomes a story about will, defiance, and ancient custom.
The construction of Ousmane Sembene’s film is subtle and seductive. He spends little time denouncing female circumcision, and a great deal of time studying the human nature of dissent and conformity. On the most fundamental of levels, this is an entertaining film.

Saturday: 9.45

You who registered for this coming Saturday:
Welcome  to Jubilee of Mercy / yours Magnus, Ellen, Philipp, Karin Martina
look-  new starting time:
9.45 Breakfast– already we finish breakfast at 10.30, please come in time, come rather a bit early.
10.30 Jubilee of Mercy starts. Br Tomasz will talk from the painting The Prodigal Son, sharing, prayer
13 ca – Lunch
You are registered, and as we invite you to meals, please tell br Björn at once if you intend not to come.