Simplify – frame the communication

One of the things that consumes a lot of our time (…-“I don´t have time” should be one of the most used sentences, I would say) these days is communication – surfing, e-mail, facebook, sms, phone.
But are you concious about how much time it takes? Twenty minutes, one hour per day or five? Just to know could be interesting.
When you know, you could say if  it´s too much or if it´s ok. Are there perhaps other things that you find more important, but that get a lot less time?
It you want to reduce communication time, you could make some simple limits. Like looking at emails and facebook once day only, 30 minutes or whatever. To have mornings or evenings internet free, or not entering one day a week.
There is also a great relief in learning working while disconnected (also sms). Distractions while doing something reduces the concentration and the understanding stays on the surface. You could say it´s harming to your spiritual life. And who wants that?
These are simple mesures to consider. Frames for Life, as people try to frame alcohol consumption or other things that could be harming and prevent meaningfulness in life.

yous br Björn


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