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Taizé coming Tuesday

Tuesday in this Holy week we´ll have a Prayer in the Spirit of Taizé at 19.30. Afterwards Tena will present a subject of sharing, a text or a question. Please join to share wiht the others.
These are one of the few occasions we´ve got at DOMINO to have a more framed talk or sharing. And yet this is one of our priorities; to learn, share and talk about faith and life. Prayer is essential, but then our own words and the listening are the vehicles to deepen our prayer and to relate in friendship. Then as Pope Francis says, there are Always from a deepened faith concrete actions for others. So please join!
It´s true we do not have many occasions for this deepening. How can we make difference to other places in Lund? I think it goes by taking life serious in community, spend quality time toghether in sharing, reading, on life questions.
And take caritative action! To serve others, especially all the poor around us, will raise. br Björn

EASTER 2016: Coming down to earth

Coming down to earth – let´s say that is the centre of Christian life. You may think it´s coming to heaven. But only the one who goes down can later ascend- or in more modern terms enter into the heart of life. At Easter Jesus goes down and he dies, but his reason is not love of death, but love of life and then he raises in the vicyory of life. Life that is synonyme to love and peace, in opposite to the powers of death of hatred and evil.
Coming down to earth for us is mostly less dramatic. To see, to listen, to smell – in basic senses lyes the way to life. I do not need big ideas or fixed schemas, it´s the experience of one another that lead you to life. To respond to what I see: the needs of others, the duties I have to act in favour of life.
We have been reading some interesting texts lately after the Taizé prayers on Tuesdays. It´s about that coming down to earth. The author, Franz Jalics, made a simple constation: Human existence have three phases. First to get aware about reality with your senses, second to reflect on what you see and third starting acting. Jalics then constate that in our society (of “floating modernity”) the second and third phases are overemphazized. We think and act too quickly, without first dwelling in awareness with our senses, with our bodies in reality – down at earth you could say.
Christians could contribute with this in this world: not rushing away in fast doing, but first dwell, wait, see, listen. From that point  a renewed life can stem.
yours br Björn



Välkomna på Dominos bönevaka! – fredagen 18 mars

Välkomna på Dominos bönevaka!
Nu i fastetiden kommer vi att ha en fredagskväll, den 18 mars på Sandgatan med mat, sakramental tillbedjan i kapellet, spel, bakning och fika.
18:00 – Drop in
18:30 – Mat
19 Vesper med bröderna
19:15 – Sakramentet ställs ut för tillbedjan
*Aktiviteter i allrummet*
21.45-MÄSSA – St Josef (en stor festdag i Kyrkan)
Det är fritt att komma och gå som man vill, men om man vill äta så kommentera det i ett inlägg i Facebook friends of domino SENAST ONSDAGEN 16/3. Tack!
Welcome to an evening of adoration and community!

We will meet for dinner, adoration in the chapel, baking and other activities.
6 pm – Drop in
6.30 pm – Dinner
7 pm Vesper with the brothers

7.15 pm – Adoration in the chapel
9.45 pm –  MASS, St Joseph ( a big feast day in Church)
You are free to join whenever you like, but if you want to eat, please comment in Facebook friends of domino before Wednesday 16 March. Thanks!

/Karin, Viktor & Elin