Taizé coming Tuesday

Tuesday in this Holy week we´ll have a Prayer in the Spirit of Taizé at 19.30. Afterwards Tena will present a subject of sharing, a text or a question. Please join to share wiht the others.
These are one of the few occasions we´ve got at DOMINO to have a more framed talk or sharing. And yet this is one of our priorities; to learn, share and talk about faith and life. Prayer is essential, but then our own words and the listening are the vehicles to deepen our prayer and to relate in friendship. Then as Pope Francis says, there are Always from a deepened faith concrete actions for others. So please join!
It´s true we do not have many occasions for this deepening. How can we make difference to other places in Lund? I think it goes by taking life serious in community, spend quality time toghether in sharing, reading, on life questions.
And take caritative action! To serve others, especially all the poor around us, will raise. br Björn

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