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Life beyond – who cares?

Jesus resurrects with his body, does he not?
Do you care, or is it just abstract?
It seems that in our time this life here on earth, NOW, is the only important. And in that now:  How I am situated among others. A success? Beautiful? Or a failure?
What is beyond? – Does it matter? If I have eternal life or not – it´s HERE that counts.
But are “here” and “after life” opposed? Are they connected? How would you look at it? Is that “beyond” also a “here” in my life?
Does my life matter? If I love? Or hate or despies or judge? Could resurrection be connected to love and mercy here and now?
If so, what happens in the “beyond” dimension, is very concrete. Suddenly there is a person in front of me.  I´m not a closed system anymore, alone. But draged out to a relation, a dance with others, a community. Then the resurrection is not abstract, but about NOW, my life, but also abut that of others

En vecka på Siglajvs på norra Gotland

-ett ställe för sig självt på landet i vacker natur.
Måndag 15 – söndag  21 augusti
Bil med fem personer till Oskarshamn, båt till Visby och så en halvtimme bil så är vi framme.
Ett enkelt liv tillsammans under några dagar, pumpa vatten ur brunnen, laga
från vägenmat och äta ihop, cykelutflykter till havet.  Bön,  meditation varje dag. Gemensam läsning av en bok en stund varje dag prata kring den. Enkla övningar för att upptäcka nya sätt att se på tillvaron.
Man delar rum. Stället är ett litet hus plus Ateljén för samling. Väldigt enkel standard. Bil endast för handling och en dags utflykt till Visby (med besök på några ställen på vägen). Pris: ca 1500 SEK inkl allt.
Intresserad? Hör av dig med en gång till br Björn 076-2763777

A week at the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea
– at the countryside with beautiful nature

Monday August 15 – Sunday 21st
Car with five persons to Oskarshamn, boat to Visby and then soon we´ve arrived. Simple life together, pump the water from the well, prepare meals, eating togehter, bycycle tours to the sea.
Prayers and meditation everyday, common reading of an intresesting book, with discussion, simple excercises to dicover new dimensions of life.
Simple accomodation and car ride only to go to Visby to discover. Price about 1500 Skr all included.
Interested? Get in touch at once:  br Björn 076-2763777





Mass coming Sunday  at 18.00 Sandgatan – Mario and Daniel are preparing Italian dinner afterwards, yours br Björn