Last Taizé evening we had a talk around a text from the Jesuit Franz Jalics with the title, Nature is our first teacher. Sometimes, yes often, the simplest things are most worth, and to take away the more elaborated things from life the best way to live. Like just cut off the flow of impressions and experience the tree, the bird, the grass. Maybe it seeems silly. But yet that is a true art of life, to dare to take away the noise and glitter and meet with reality as it presents itself to you. There are many valuable things to do, and we should also and have to, tha belongs to reality, but to take same time and take in the beauty oin front of you, without andy judgement is the best you  can to. And you will learn a great deal from that simple thing. You can read what Jesus, our only teacher, says in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6.
New and old friends gathered at Domino the last week. We had Sunday MAss with many people and a big dinner. Today the Friendship group gathered and went out to meet with the people sitting begging in the streets. Before we had a gathering in fron of God talking about precarity and our expectations on meeting the people begging. To pary and talk and refect at the same moment, that´s really a way of meeting with others.


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