Renewal of the Friendship initiative

hello friends,
we started our Friendship Group with homeless people in the streets of Lund last Thursday with quite a few persons around.
We decided to go out on the streets on two occations per week, Monday and Thursday. Thus we are not too many at the same time, and extend our presence in the street.
We start at 17 and we´re ready at about 18.30.We start with prayer. As part of the prayer shortly we also share our thoughts, questions and feelings about what we meet in the street.
Then we go out, and we bring tea, coffee and small things with us. We try to relate the best possible even though language is difficult. We are men and women of listening and dialog. While out we direct our attention not only the people in the street but also to each others , making community real.
New participants are welcome to join, send a mail or just came at 17 Monday or Thursdays. It´s a small thing, but small things as to be present to others are important in protecting human dignity,
yours br Björn

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