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Tuesday 29th – Taizé

Start Advent with gathering to pray. And make Place for a sharing on an important subject. We´ll read a short passage by  Franz Jalics on how he came to clarity and peace.

new time, new space

There is a richness in the differences of times, days, hours, and as now the time of Advent. It´s like entering a another room with a different ambiance and different furniture that invite you to another behaviour. The room of Advent is simple and not a all stuffed with things, with a great window opening to what will come, as well as dark corners to dwell in silence.
Practically, what could that mean? -To create space in your calendar for peace and rest, for prayer in the morning or evening. To make space for blocks of “nothing” -that is: a walk in the Botanic garden or sitting listening to what there is right now.
Make a difference, make a choice: ” Today not more than this! This time of Advent only this!” To make space for child to come, your own, and Him.
yours br Björn

Mercy and misery

Dear friends,
the Jubilee year of Mercy is with this week cominig to an end. But as Pope Francis said yesterday, mercy does not. Today was published his apostolic letter “Mercy with misery“, as he sais in the introduction:”It would be difficult to imagine a more beautiful or apt way of expressing the mystery of God’s love when it touches the sinner: “the two of them alone remained: mercy with misery””.

In his letter Pope Francis writes:
“The works of mercy affect a person’s entire life. For this reason, we can set in motion a real cultural revolution, beginning with simple gestures capable of reaching body and spirit, people’s very lives. This is a commitment that the Christian community should take up, in the knowledge that God’s word constantly calls us to leave behind the temptation to hide behind indifference and individualism in order to lead a comfortable life free of problems. Jesus tells his disciples: “The poor will always be with you” (Jn 12:8). There is no alibi to justify not engaging with the poor when Jesus has identified himself with each of them.”