Evening of adoration and community

Saturday December 17th we´ll have an evening of adoration and community at Domino
Take time off and spend in adoration of the sacrament. Join to make community –  can come and go during the evening.
17.45       Meal – Simon will prepare a meal for us
19            Evening prayer with the Dominicans, and then:
-23.30   Adoration of the sacrament in the Chapel
                     (at least two persons stays with the sacrament at the time
– sign in for like 30-60 min)
-23.15    Program in the hallOngoingPainting +Do-It-Yourself together
                 – Singing (bring songs), Sharing: Christmas approaching.
23.30 Night prayer
Adoration of the sacrament is about resting with God for a while. There is an obvious material reality in front of you in the consacrated bread, the body of Christ.
This concreteness is helpful to make silence within you. It also help to be concrete in your prayers and talk with Jesus.
Time can also be spent to read a passage of the Scriptures -The word of God thus situated in front of you, in the text read and in your heart. It´s all about a loving relationship.
Br Björn

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