Mass Sunday – Film and Discussion: Kon-Tiki, Wednesday

Join for our first Sunday Mass at Sandgatan 8 at 6 pm on Sunday. If you like singing come to prepare the songs before, at 17.15 latest.
Milan and Imelda are preparing a meal after Mass for a small contribution of each one. After the meal Joakim Månsson from Help Beggars in Lund come and talk with us about the situation of the beggars in the streets, their life and background.
First film of the Filmklubben already soon… read about Filmklubben / FilmClub
WEDNESDAY/ONSDAG – January 18th at 19.15
Film and Discussion: Kon-tiki by Joachim Rönning, Espen Sandberg, Norway 2013, 109 min
Kon-Tiki is the story of the legendary explorer’ the NorwegianThor Heyerdahl´s epic crossing of the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in an effort to prove it was possible for South Americans to historically settle in Polynesia. One person with a strong will and one idea – get out on tha raft to sea what that could mean.

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