The God of Technology

In the film 2001. A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick tells about a future (now already longtime past…) from the view point of year 1968.  It´s a film brilliant in technology and estaetics, but lacking in some way humans of flesh and blood.  On a space craft expedition, more evoking interest in the 60ies then in our time, there is a the crew member, Hal, who is the brain (and the heart?) of the expedition. Hal is a computor who never failed in his predictions. Everyone is putting their complete trust in him. Hal (very close to Heil, isn´t it?) is their God, the technological system is God. A voice from far avay, 1968 – but not so far from our own world, is it? How are we looking at the technological systems that interfers in our lives? Do we protect our judgement and freedom from their dominance?
Last week there was in many cities a March for science, organized by scientifics who claims that only scientificly proved facts should ground the public discussion. Isn´t this again the God of technology they put faith in? Yes, faith, because they choose what they rely on. Love and friendship cannot be proved in the same way, yet they are real facts of  life. But as with God, there has to be a personal engagement, persons of flesh and blood, to make them come forth.


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