Domino news

This Springtime we had av very lively community of students at Sandgatan, people coming and going all day, studying in the library, sitting talking or eating together in the hall or playing the piano. We have quite a few excellent piano players, like Philipp who played after a Sunday Mass, or Filip who made quite a concert for some of us the other day. The Friendship group also made some singing out in the streets of Lund when meeting with the homeless people.
It´s something wiith this playing, if it´s music or just a playful attitude, that is so important. It creates beauty that goes beyond the rational sense, links people esily to each other and to life, to God. When Jesus talks in parables, itn´t that a kind of playing, evoking images and life in each one of us? On Sunday 7th we´ll see the film Life is beautiful, and there you meet with a man who makes play in favour of life, and as resistence to inhuman conditions. yours br Björn


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