FilmDagar/FilmDays 5-8 oktober

FilmDagar : Skall jag ta hand om min broder?
-tre filmer av Ken Loach och Gabriela Pichler

torsdag 5- söndag 8 oktober

FilmDays: Should I take care of my brother?

Kom några kvällar och se bra film och prata kring den. Många ser säkert massor av film, men att titta noggrant och göra det tillsammans är ändå något annat.
Om filmen inte bara är en kommersiell produkt gjord för att säljas, så innehåller den ofta ganska mycket att upptäcka. Någon som gör en film mer på allvar – det kallas “auteur” – alltså om filmen har sin grund i att någon är engagerad i livet, då kan man upptäcka att också Evangeliet finns gömt i filmen (eller någons motstånd mot Evangeliet).
Så kom och upptäck tillsammans något mer av livet. Alltså: om hur Gud  går in i relation med oss.

Spend some evenings together looking at and talking about good films. Certainly many of you look at a lot of films. But looking together and talk around the films is quite another experience. 
If a film not only is a commercial product, made with other intensions than to be sold, it contain often remarkable things. A serious person making a film – that´s called “auteur” , that is:  the film has it´s source in someone´s engagement in life, then you can discover even the Gospel (or sometimes the reistence to the Gospel) in the film. So it´s well worth to join and discover something more of life. How God enters inte relationship with us.

English subtitles

Registration 15 minutes before program – Membership 2017: 60 SEK at entrance, also swish.


torsdag 5 oktober  19.30
Äta, sova, dö/Eat sleep die
av Gabriella Pichler, 104 min, Sverige 2012
Set in modern Sweden, this is a realistic portrayat of an unemployed girl struggling to find a job for herself and her father. All she strives for is that life should offer something more. More than just eat, sleep,die.

fredag 6 oktober 19.30
Introduction by Wiktor Ericsson
, director for the film Jordgubbslandet that went up on the cinemas this summer.
följt av
Kes, falken/Kes av Ken Loach, 111 min  England 1969
A working-class boy is bullied at school and abused at home. But through the care of his teacher Mr. Farthing and some of his friends from school he manages to keep his spirit and appreciation of life alive by taming and training a falcon. That is until things take a turn for the worse.

söndag 8 oktober kl 19.30
Jag, Daniel Blake/ I, Daniel Blake av Ken Loach, 100 min, England 2016
A man navigates to survive in England of today. It turns out to be a difficult thing, however, when supportive institutions are revealed to be systems of control and technic. Follow Daniel on his journey to maintain dignity and love, joining others struck by precarity.


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