Coming in from the cold

To enter into God´s world,  not later but now. How to discover God´s presence? At our retreat in Rögle we both talked and were practical about what is human preparation to receive God – God that is now in life.
It´s not a big or alien task. Rather it´s about dicovering the world in a wider and deeper sense.
It´s not either advanced thinking that is demanded. Rather it´s to be very concrete in life.
What do I in fact take notice of during a day? Am I in the situation with the people surrounding , or am I elsewhere?
Is there an ever-ending dialogue in my head?  Take notice of that!  And look around you: The world is there around you and the mystery is opened when you leave fantasies and see the beauty, the joy, the sorrow and the violence in this world.
“Wake up, I am here,” God tells us.
On Tuesday March 20th we´ll make a prayer we did during the retreat in Rögle last week, a prayer with the body. It´s about coming to our senses. To discover the body as the place of meeting with God and a place of expression of what there is in me.


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