Advent celebration + Friendship renewed

We started last week with Advent celebration, the special joy of longing for Christ, for us for our world. Early on Friday morning we gathered for adoration of the sacrament and morning prayer. Fadi and Marie had prepared brekfast and so we had a quiet and peaceful meal together. Coming Fridays we continue, starting at 7, if you like to join just sms br Björn, 24h before, +46762763667 .

Friendship initiative has continued now for quite some years, visiting the Roma people i the streets of Lund. A few weeks ago Colm came up with the idea to propose a meal once a week at the Dominicans at Sandgatan 8.
Last Monday we made a first try.  Colm and Leonardo made a good work to gather people, and we could welcome like ten people in the early evening. We had a good number of volunteers preparing and participating in this renewal of the Friendship initiative. We hope to continue, if you like to volunteer, just tell.


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