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Mänskligt broderskap

Påve Fransiscus har tillsammans med al-Ahzars storimam publicerat ett dokument för fred och samlevnad. Ta del av dokumentet som finns publicerat på katolska stiftets hemsida: Mänskligt broderskap

Coming week is the beginning of Lent. On Ash Wednesday it´s a day of abstinence and in Mass at 19h the ashes will be distributed. Lent19socialmedia

But all the days of Lent are special days. Todays culture invites us to abundance of many things and there are many things that we could leave behind.  Food fasting is one things and there is an initiative by young Catholic people to abstain from meet during all Lent. Why not try this concrete sacrifice for our Common Home?
Domino has its own fasting initiative- sign in at Sandgatan or just with a mail to br Björn. To consider how I spend my time is one important aspect of Lent today. Get free todays a week from social media and discover who is your neighbour!