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Church coffee this Sunday!

Dear all,

this Sunday (28th of September) Domino is responsible for the Church coffee after the 10.00 mass in St. Thomas church. We need to I) bake some cakes II) make coffee in the parish before the mass III) serve the cakes and the coffee (and tea)

If you want to I) bake II) help preparing or III) help serving, please e-mail or call me as soon as possible. There is possibility to get money back for you expenses.


evelina.kulcinskaja  at 070-565 24 29


barbecue on Tuesday

Dear all,

Welcome to barbecue at my place at Ulrikedalsvägen 30A on Tuesday the 8th of June! I will provide potatoes, salad and something to drink (and plates etc of course). Bring what you want to barbecue! We meet at my place at 19. Call me when you are there. If you don’t have my number, e-mail me at evelina.kulcinskaja at and I will give it to you. In case of bad weather we will be indoors. Afterwards we can play volleyboll or bordgames if you want to.


Beer on Wednesday!

On Wednesday the 26th we will go and have a beer together at Inferno bar next to the university building!

We will meet at the priory at 20.00 and go together. If you are late, come directly to the bar.

Everybody pay for them selves. Please note that a beer at a bar in Sweden costs around 70 kr.

Everybody is welcome!

/Evelina and Magda