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FILM DAYS – Father Unknown – films, discussions – Thursday Sep 11th -Friday Sep 12th

F I L M D A Y S     Father Unknown
– all films followed by discussion-


Nobody knows   Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan 2004, 141 min.
A single mother moves with her four young children into a small Tokyo appartment. The family forms a protective microcosmos that slowly starts to open up to the outer world. A heart-felt movie of  loneliness, longing, strength.

The kid with a bike    Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, Belgium 2011, 87 min.
Twelve-year-old Cyril is abandoned by his father and lives in an  institution. He spends most of his time running around on his bike.  On the streets, he meets good and bad.

ca 18.45
D I N N E R please bring things to share.

Like father like son, Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan 2013, 121 min
Two babies have been switched at the maternity hospital. When this  mistake is detected by standard blood test just before the boys’s schooling, two families must take hard decisions. Shall they switch  back? What’s deepest, biology or Upbringing?

Why just Father Unknown and not Mother Unknown, someone asked.
Always Fathers! Who would deny that mothers are important? Some though would deny their unknownness. Fathers seem to disappear more easily, and a fatherhood could more easily be doubted. Father Unknown!
God the Father in the Christian tradition is the creator of heaven and earth (that is: beyond everything!). The Creator is the great Lover of his creation and its very the Origin. He puts up a tent for the humans in the big desert.
This Father is also the Law Giver, the one who puts the limits to life. Human life starts according to the ancient myths with an interdiction: “Do not eat of that tree!”, God tells Adam and Eve in Paradise.
A law is what separates one person from another. “You can approach as far as this, not further, STOP! Move Back! “ An authority can be negative. But it is also a necessary authority to create a human culture.  If noting separates us, “I” cannot distinguish myself from “You”. Only with some distance I can look at your face and your body and acknowledge that I am not you and you are not me. Puh! Free at last! I can get my own opinons, my ways and culture. God the Father the Law Giver is the garant for me to become a person of my own.

Three films: Father Unknown. Not about God the Father, but about the human father who has left his kids to not much at all. What happens when the father  is not there?  That father who is not the Creator of heaven and earth, but all the same a love Giver and an origin of the child. This human father has also his importance as the law giver for the child, separating the child from the mother, putting up some limits: “It´s me and your mother who make the couple in this family, not your mother and you!”
What about a situation where the love giver,  an origin and aa law giver is lost?  How does a blind man without a tent orient himself in the desert?
br Björn

To cooperate with God

Some of you who read this may be just have started a new adventure, by going to Lund to study, a new city and perhaps even a new country or part of the world. There could have many reasons to come here, but a one instant you decided to go. We say: “I decided”, and it is so. But something made this decision possible, something draw you and made you feel good about it. And you decided.
Looking back at our decisions  and how life takes new paths is interesting. We may discover that our decisions  more look like coincidents, someone told you something, you happened to hear about the possibilities, in Lund for exemple, you got interested by something. Call this coincidence or attractions is ok, but in faith I would call that “God” . I act and decide all right in my life, and I should. The impulses making it possible is the mysterious factor “God”.  Looking at the windlings of my life I can see  is like a joint venture of God and myself.

You see then how God shows up in life like a stranger to welcome. He does not come because of my moral correctness, he is there before all these things.  Some who looked at the film Me and You and Everyone We know last Sunday reacted on things in the film that are not morally correct. The world is full of such things and, let´s admit it, we are full of such things. We humans are like that. On the other hand we are also filled the impulses of God. The greatness of God – it´s that he uses all that is not correct to lead us home to him. Only God is righteous, and demanding righteousness from ourselves or others is a great mistake. The longing for God is inbeded in our sin. Perhaps this film is about that, our imperfection that expresses and opens to life with God?

Yours br Björn

SUNDAY October 20th: Student Mass- and Film and discussion

Join for these Mass and Film on Sunday 20th!  Taizé evening Tuesday 15th!
Student Sunday Mass 16.30
Mass is followed by a meal and Film evening with discussion, se beneath.
OBS – for the meal, if possible please bring things for the table to share with others.
Benoît, 0730-46 82 50  coordinates the Mass and meal.

Film and discussion

Colonel Redl, István Szabó, Hungary,1985, 144 min.
The second of the Szabò -films in our serie, after Mephisto last month.
The story of how a military officer gets blackmailed into espionage in order to to keep his inopportune private life a secret.
This is our second Szabò film, after Mephisto.
Br Björn, 0762-76 36 67, together with Magnus and Daniel.